How The Program Works

STEP 1 – Register to Participate

Register to participate in Colt CZ Group auctions for highly prized, limited edition firearms.

STEP 2 – Bid & Win “Right to Purchase”

Auction winners will receive a “Right to Purchase” voucher redeemable to buy the physical firearms.

STEP 3 – Purchase Limited Edition Firearm

Connect with Colt CZ to redeem the “Right to Purchase” voucher, buy the limited edition firearm and coordinate pick-up at a regional dealer.

STEP 4 – Digital Certificate of Authenticity

Each limited edition pistol comes with a Digital Certificate of Authenticity (DCA) verifying the authenticity of your physical pistol on blockchain, ensuring it is legitimate and authentic.

The next auction will start in 21d 4h 52m


The limited edition, 100-piece CZ 75 ORDER OF THE WHITE LION is the pinnacle of firearm excellence. It is richly decorated with the Czech national symbols in the form of linden tree leaves and a double-tailed lion. No expense was spared on materials, including gold plating, a maple wood grip and 14k gold. Each pistol is housed in a case made from maple, walnut and birch wood.

The lid features an original certificate from the Office of the President of the Czech Republic and is signed by President Milos Zeman, dated October 28, 2022.

The next auction will start in 6d 4h 52m


This unique, 50-piece limited edition consists of a pair of legendary, richly decorated pistols that are housed together in a special case that not only celebrates the 2021 merger of two globally renowned manufacturers of small arms – Colt and CZ – but also commemorates their important anniversaries, with Colt founded in 1836 and CZ in 1936.

It will be on sale over the course of 2023 through a Digital Right to Purchase auction and run exclusively through this website.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is a Right to Purchase Voucher?

Vouchers are essentially a ‘Right to Purchase’ for the physical pistol associated with them. They are digital assets backed by blockchain technology, which makes them unique, ensures they can’t be duplicated, and allows you to trade them safely on the Colt CZ Group marketplace.

How much time do I have to place the order for my physical pistol?

Each Right to Purchase Voucher is valid for 90 days. Past this deadline, the Right to Purchase Vouchers will not be redeemable anymore.

Can I sell my Right to Purchase Voucher before I purchase the physical pistol?

Your Right to Purchase Voucher can be resold on the Colt CZ Group marketplace after purchase. Once a deposit is paid for the physical pistol, your voucher will be taken off the marketplace automatically.

How much will the physical items cost?

The physical pistols are sold separately, the cost being independent from the amount paid for the Voucher. The current items on auction are priced as follows:
CZ 75 ORDER OF THE WHITE LION: €10,000 including VAT.
COLT 1911 & CZ 75 TRIBUTE TO LEGENDS: €20,000 including VAT.

How do I redeem my Right to Purchase Voucher for a physical pistol?

Auction winners will be contacted by Colt CZ Group to manage the physical pistol purchase process (deposit payment, legal requirements checks, delivery terms, pick-up location etc). For a full list of countries where Colt CZ Group can organise the physical delivery visit

What is the process for receiving the firearm at the dealer?

When exchanging your Right to Purchase Voucher for a physical firearm, you will need to comply with all applicable local laws and regulations, pay the deposit, click ‘Redeem’ on the Right to Purchase Voucher and show the QR code to the dealer, who will need to scan it.

What happens to my Voucher when I redeem my physical pistol?

After the official dealer has scanned the QR code, your Right to Purchase Voucher will be automatically archived in your account and removed from the marketplace. Upon reception of your physical pistol, you will receive a QR code to register your pistol and get its Digital Certificate of Authenticity.